Mi niñez fue tan pintoresca / My childhood was so colorful  is a personal memoir. I present my artwork beside the stories that shaped them. Through my creative process, fragments of memory and poetic reflections give rise to questions about immigration and Diaspora, memory and inherited memory, and history as seen through the lens of cultural, familial and personal interpretation.


Monica Camin's work is so visually enticing. The bold colors and forms draw you into her work, while the evocations of family and history create a sense of nostalgia. Camin's work is ethereal yet earthy, familiar yet dreamlike, and emotional yet calming. The bold, painterly quality of her work allows you to feel her presence as the artist, while she also depicts her subjects as so sensitive and animated. While sharing her history with the viewer, Camin reminds us all of our own histories, memories and the people who mean the most.
 --Jessica Baldenhofer, Associate Educator School Visits, Museum of Modern Art

I can't stop thumbing through the pages of My Childhood was so Colorful. It is an extraordinary book in color, design and prose. The words filled me with passion, with which the author wrote the words, and gave voice to her childhood. [...] I am a fan of all memories from the past; I love keeping people and events alive in my heart, and this book has reinforced those ideas and ideals. It has also strengthened me to move forward to produce my next book, Sundays With My Father. Anyone who reads and reviews the artwork on the pages of Monica Camin's book will be filled with joy and sadness at the same time; it's a bittersweet story, a story that anyone can relate to.
Patricia Florio, Author of the fictional memoir My Two Mothers

Monica Camin's work spoke to me to be genuine and honest. Story telling is her driving force and I can relate very well to that: It feeds her artistic venture and brings emotion to her abstraction. [...] The paintings are alive with tremendous energy. I can see the people s personality and very much Monica's love of painting!
--Catherine Schmitt, Sculptor