"Faces" at Site:Brooklyn//Exhibiting Artist

FACES [International Juried Exhibition]
Juried by Jacqueline Towers-Perkins
May 25, 2018 - June 23, 2018

165 7th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11215

Installation photos via Site:Brooklyn



"In visual arts it was the face, usually in portraiture, where the viewer found closely rendered depictions of individuals, which sought to reveal something of their character, personality or social position. However, in the post-war era a radical shift took place. Recent decades of art history have put the idea of ever accessing a true or unitary self into question, while at the same time opening up new avenues of expression, freeing artists to explore identities and themes previous kept at the margins. The show presents works, in a variety of mediums — print, painting, photography— from artists all across the world, engaging fruitfully with this new openness.  

While a number of the works are close to traditional portraits, many of the artists focus on the body or physical presence instead of the capturing expression or representational likeness. While the faces depicted are not necessarily in the traditional mode of portraiture, they nonetheless are united by fostering a distinct and memorable encounter with the viewer."